APPS! (No zerts)

So, you’re probably thinking; this guy has access to start-up bros, some great ideas for how to train for UFC, and some working knowledge of app development – why not start a UFC Training App! I even looked into iOS app developers. This is a solid idea, and one I’ve greatly considered but here’s the thing: every hour I spend on app development will be an hour lost in training. I want to continue my training, work my way up to the Octogon, kick ass in the ring, and get UFC support for a career with the organization. To start a UFC Training app before I have an official UFC affiliation is kinda putting the fight before the training – or the cart before the horse.

UFC (the fastest growing sports organization in the world) was created in the United States in 1993 and designed to be competition to determine the best martial art for unarmed combat interactions. It originated from Vale tudo in Brazil. The fighters decided they needed to train in additional principles allowing them to become well-rounded, balanced fighters who could remain upright throughout a bout. This is what we now refer to as Mixed Martial Arts. There are now 40 fights every year with UFC hosting the top-ranked fighters in the world.

To try to accomplish anything UFC-related without the support of the organization responsible for bringing this fight style stateside would be discourteous and ineffective. I respect the sport, I respect the fighters, I respect the platform and the rules of the organization. I want to demonstrate that through professional goals without giving any reason for them to tell me to fuck off when I land at their front door.

Further, there is a pretty impressive list of rule and regulations that I would want UFC backing on while implementing in my own training, they are categorized as follows: Definitions, Weight Divisions, Ring/Fighting Area Requirements and Equipment, Stools, Equipment, Specifications for Headwrapping, Mouthpieces, Protective Equipment, Gloves, Apparel, Appearance, Round Length, Stopping Contest, Judging, Fouls, Injuries Sustained by Fair Blows and Fouls, and Types of Contest Results.

So, as you can see, there’s no option to just step into the ring and fight. There’s coaching and preparation necessary. Someday I’ll be in a position to provide this kind of coaching and preparation guidance – at that point I’ll be a retired fighter and I’ll be able to have all the beers and pizzas I want!

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