Day in the LIFE

My current job is doing temp work as a coordinator (basically I get paid (barely) to make spreadsheets all day) for a start-up trying to compete with Uber and Lyft. If I cared about their business at all I would remind them how saturated the market is with ride-share apps and how name recognition is everything and how people can’t recognize more than two names relating to the same service. But I don’t care so I just run their reports, fill in their spreadsheets, and watch them go round and round and round in discussion for literally hours about a business that will go under by the end of the year.

Anyway, the least important part of  my average day is the time spent at work. I get up at 5:26 and kill a protein shake, get to the gym at 5:45 to do 90 minutes of strength training. I got back home at 7:30, eat four eggs, a side of vegetables and 3 ounces of cod. I get to work around 9 and sit until 11:30 when I go for a walk to avoid having to talk to any of my coworkers. I then sit at my desk and eat 8 ounces of chicken, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables and rice. I leave work right at 5:30 and get back to the gym by 5:45 where I do 90 minutes of cardiovascular endurance training. I get home around 7:30 where I have 12 ounces of steak, two cups of brown rice, a salad, and once in a while, a beer.  I try to do something social or enriching after dinner but always to be home by 11 when I have my “midnight meal” of a 10 egg-white omelet, a cup of veggies, a dash of fish oil, and a Gatorade. Then I go to sleep and start it all over.

I get a lot of looks and unwelcome feedback from losers about my lifestyle but they’re usually fat and/or ugly. They definitely couldn’t compete in the UFC ring. But they don’t always accept “I’m going to be a UFC fighter” as enough of a justification for my “extreme lifestyle.” So allow me to break it down.

It takes so much hard work and dedication to be a UFC fighter – to break out of the small rings and make it into THE OCTOGON – and I want to be the kind of man to demonstrate this dedication and training capacity. I didn’t receive the gift of life on Earth to sit around watching Netflix. And while I may get the occasional side-eye or eye-roll about having dropped out of high school and never getting my GED or going to college, I would challenge any high school or college graduate to get their caloric input and output down to this exact of a science. That’s something you can’t learn from school.

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